Post Pop Violence

by Judas The Dancer

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EP. Self Published. Available in physical format as digipack. Search youtube for the videos promoting "Maradona Talking Heads!", "Post Pop Violence" and "Digging the Grave"


released June 21, 2016

Marco Paltanin - Vocals and guitars;
Nicolò Cavallaro - Growls and Bass;
Lorenzo Fabbri - Guitars;
Ronnie Battizocco - Drums;

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Pelillo at "Kaze Studio", Modena (Italy) in August 2015. All songs written and arranged by Judas The Dancer. Photo by Dennis Ziliotto. Graphics and layout by Martino Prendini.



all rights reserved


Judas The Dancer Italy

Post Pop Violence: the hidden depravation in listenable music.

Born from 3 members of prog band Eloa Vadaath, Marco, Lorenzo and Nicolò, boosted by drummer Ronnie and fed with smoke, alchool and Kryptonite to serve you, dear viz, all the post-pop- violence you never dared to indulge to. ... more

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Track Name: Dough is Fair
Remember what you said
Promises have weight.
Trust is never for free.
Something's stuck 'tween my teeth.

Every time that you look behind
what's the motto you loop in your seclusion?
Be a shark in the ocean to survive?

Was it only 'bout throwing dice?
Making broth with my bones as a conclusion?
Well, through all this my water runs again.

Yo little bugs I can
let you inside my coat...
or eat you alive.
Hey little bugs
I will scratch you out of my coat,
back to the scum of your world.

I say you weren't worth a dime
and your words were like you:
smoke and delusion.
Who's now taken those 30 silver coins?

Yet now it's done
you bet, I've learnt!

Yo little bugs I had
let you inside my coat
but never for life.
Hey little bugs
now I've scratched you out of my coat.
Go find another one to parasitize.

You dance under glaciers still
but they'll come on you
one day or the next.
Judas knows that dough is fair
yet, advice for free man:
you sometimes end up with a rope!

Now that I've spit it all
I'm done with you.
(You're) a merry ol' shitload.
Track Name: Post Pop Violence
Post Pop Violence

And the twelve did arrive...
Jeez all the pack of them!
So I said “take a seat
just don't get me wrong:
it was out of mere courtesy.

Then maybe the wine or the
long windin' road... but I told 'em
again of my fate.
And the chattering collapsed
like I've let slip a fart
I felt so underrated.

I've reached the brim
with my bragging, showing
how and why.
No, I won't take a compromise.
I'm back in line.
Hear my post pop violence,

“I know couple of tricks
I trade water for wine!”
It eventually worked, they were
soft, so we boozed, it was
of the sad type.
Then I came out with that,
you know, about blood being
wine and flesh bread.
Was it all just too much...only a tad?

I've reached the brim
with my bragging, showing
how an why.
No, I won't take a compromise.
I'm back in line.
Suck my post pop violence,

I'm much of a talker,
much of a talker boy.
I'm such a nice boozer
boy, I'm a loser.
Track Name: Maradona Talking Heads!
Maradona Talking Heads

Shut your eyes
while we build our attractions
Follow the rabbit white
all our tricks and our fashion.
We are the keepers...
or are we the crooks?
Find out, swallow that treacle.

What a shit of a nation.
If I could just throw it up!
Here buccaneers harbor.
The mediocre will thrive.
Hey, I got a story to tell
sort of a midnight ride: check it out.
A little bit of the shit we say
it's from the dung of our hopes,
failures and sins,
a carrion crow,
just a little grain.
And when we're feeling insecure
just to make it through the day
say we had bankers
when they painted faces blue.
That we visited hell (yeah)
on a poet's quill
and castrated man with faith.
Say thank you!
(for this Great Beauty)
Say thank you!
(for this Beauty)
Say fuck you!
(for this Great Beauty)
Say fuck.

Oh fuck!
What did you say?
The gift you have counts nothing
since you talk shit.
Oh God!
I can't believe that!
That hole you'd better shut is
mocking us all!

Oh fuck!
Ya really did it!
Fuck no!
My wish for you is an ungrateful death in

You think you're the king but we are
the throne: the weight of
the shame you packed
on our crowd.
Track Name: Judas Saves
Judas saves!

Stay at your side,
all you deserved is actually mine.
Nice try to me boy but
this is the life.
You stop playing with toys, lad
choosing your poor wife

No blame on my street;
no way to fuck this shit!

No come home/ Never stop for a moment.
The pride of our fathers / Let will flow.
Mind your own / Only way of consuming.
We the sons of the devil / Grown with gold.

You are your judgement!
You are you lenience!
You know there ain't way you
can trick your death?!

Buildings grow!
Dead grey tones!
Children born
of a soulless world!

No come home/ Never stop for a moment.
The pride of our fathers / Let will flow.
Mind your own / Only way of consuming.
We the sons of the devil / Grown with gold.
Track Name: Digging The Grave (Faith No More Cover)
Digging the grave

It would be wrong to ask you why
because I know what goes inside
is only half of what comes out
isn't that what it's about?
To remind us we're alive
to remind us we're not blind
in that big, black hole comfortable.

Digging the grave,
I got it made.
Let something in, throw something out
you left the door open wide.
Digging the grave,
I got it made

I know you have a reason why
that knot is better left untied
I just went and undid mine
it takes some time.
And the shadow so big,
it takes the sun out of the day
and the feeling goes away
when you close the door, comfortable.
Track Name: Along Came Lili
Along came Lili

Nights are grey
and the whiteness of days blinds me.
Oh elderly's pride against your eyes
along you came Lili.

Were a moment a life on its own
would you be the end of mine?
What if the rest was my biggest crash
would you be its end?
And if life was an enormous void
would you be water?

Chained between bars
of rage and ego.
(You)fell from the sky;
you circumvented my mirage.
In a moment I know
an eternal tick
to bare you dear.
Venus's heat
lips and feathers.

I am my biggest distraction
my biggest collision.
My biggest war.
You, my radio.

We're sons of the black light
(tangle of souls)
We're sinners on this world.
(Lovers In red)
Us: sons of death and faith.
(Cynics of an era)
Us: seakers eternal.

You've grown smell of the air.
You've grown taste of the flesh.
You've grown impending doom.
Farthest dune amidst I get death.

When you walk
you feel protected
but you're chained.
Cannot run.

Now you sense
and realize that in this love
there's a soulside endless walk.

(Your expired freedom)
And now it's the moment you know
that eternal ticking cold room.
With heat in the heart.

Now that you are my air
Taste of the very flesh I own.
Show me my doom,
On the dune on which I'll die.